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BUSCO is now on the threshold of sustaining a 5.0 Million bags annual production.


            The culture of continuing improvement has been deeply incalculated and ingrained on the executives, officers, staff, and employees of Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc.


Everyone in Busco pushes for improvement in productivity, efficiency and the latest proven technology every year, as evidenced by successive double digit growth every year for 5 years now.


Perhaps the 5-year growth of the Bukidnon Sugar Industry will illustrate this statement more clearly:

            --Bukidnon milled 1,817,054 tons cane in CY-98-99 and after five years, Bukidnon milled 3,817,986 tons cane or a fantastic increase of 110%, more than double in 5 years, in terms of sugarcane milled.


On the other hand, Busco milled 1,337,060 tons cane in CY 98-99 and after five years, Bukidnon milled 3,817,986 tons cane or a fantastic increase of 93.87%, slightly less than double. But in terms of sugar produced, Busco increase was 115%, much more than doubling its sugar production in 5-years,110% more than double in 5 years.


Every off-milling season, is a time to introduce planned changes. The whole millsite is a beehive of activity of so many engineers, contractors, suppliers, skilled tradesmen, specialists and workers of all kinds “buildings, wrecking and rebuilding” foundations, structures, buildings, machineries and entire stations.


In many cases, what was installed say seven months ago will now be demolished or dismantled, relocated and re-assembled in a new place requiring re-piping, re-wiring, re-working, re-cabling, for controls. And there are several of such activities done simultaneously.


It is a sight to behold—how bits and pieces are done by so many in so short a time—to make a modernize, effective, harmonious whole!


Perhaps, it is akin to the Philharmonic Orchestra which consists of many kinds of musical instruments: string, wind, percussion and so forth, but played by experts, under the baton of renowned conductors, performing compositions of masters, and which produce awe-inspiring symphonies.


Busco people enjoy such challenges. The vision of its leadership must be brought to realization. It will be!


The whole of Bukidnon and the neighboring towns of other provinces have seen such consistent, reliable and unified effort of building the solid foundation of a vibrant and re-invigorated sugar resources and dreams to growing the sugar canes needed by the sugar mills.


The mutually satisfying synergy among the sugarcane growers, the Planter’s Associations, the community in general and Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc. have catapulted the Bukidnon Sugar Industry into limelight.


The dream continues. For now, Busco is looking at a second milling tandem with a 6000 TCD capacity in the next two years. This will bring up its milling capacity to 20,000TCD, the biggest sugar mill in the country.


The confluence of favorable events and the blessings of God have given Busco the enviable opportunity of taking the sugar industry into the cutting edge of productivity, efficiency and technology. This makes Busco a powerhouse for the economic development of this part of Mindanao, the creation and proper distribution of wealth of opportunities to about 350,000 people who live-off the industry or its ancillary businesses.


It is a very big blessing bestowed upon Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc. but it is also a very big responsibility on its stockholders, officers, staff and employees.






Busco acknowledges the inspiration, support, cooperation, patronage and encouragement of

·         all the sugarcane planters of Bukidnon and the neighboring towns of the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Lanao del Sur and North Cotabato.


·         the Planter’s Association and Planter’s Cooperatives.


·         the provincial government and all the local government units.


·         the Sugar Regulatory Administration, all the National Agencies and the Military  PNP authorities.


·         financial institutions, support businesses and the ancillary services.


·         its dedicated and hardworking officers, staff, consultants, supervisors and employees.


·         and the 350 thousand people who benefit directly or indirectly from the Bukidnon Sugar Industry and who kept on praying for the continued success of the industry.


To you and everyone else, thank you very much. Together, let us all take giant leap to the pinnacle of the Philippine Sugar Industry.



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Main Office: 4/F Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Millsite: Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon
Tel. Nos. 817-8403/817-8484/ 817-9014/817-9015
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