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Joel J. Castardo of BUSCo Sugar Milling Company Inc. bested 13 other regional nominees to bag the national award for the President Ramon Magsaysay Outstanding Filipino Worker Award (PRMOFWA) in the wage-employed category. In the aawarding ceremonies held during the TESDA's 10th Anniversary last August 25, 2004 in Manila, Sen. Ramon amagsaysay Jr. awarded the P100,000 cash prize, national trophy and certificate.

The annual search for the PRMOFWA is the most prestigious award being given by TESDA since it was institutionalized thru Executive Order No. 411 which was named after Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, who was once an Automotive Mechanic.

The award focuses on giving recognition to successful TVET graduates who have overcome the despondence of poverty and achieved the success in their chosen field and enjoyed the dignity that comes from productive labor. They are those who have attained exemplary performance in the application of their competencies gained from their education and training and have continuously upgraded their skills.

The award was categorized into Self-Employed and Wage Employed. Search starts at the provincial level through the nomination of candidates by any legitimate organization and submitted to the local TESDA provincial office. All provincial winners compete for the regional award and thereafter represent their region in the National Search.

Mr. Castardo presently heads the Industrial Automation and Control Department of BUSCO. Starting as an electrician, he rose as instrument technician after he acquired his technical training through distance learning from the National Technical School in Los Angeles and being awarded the Diploma in Electronics and Industrial Technology on Microcomputers. he later earned his degree in Electronics Engineering from the Cooks Institute of Engineering, Mississipi also through distance learning and now earns a monthly sum of P44,000.

TESDA Bukidnon salutes Mr. Castardo's diligence, hardwork, and perseverance as we proudly say that the blue collar job is an honorable career choice. top...



Assessment of Nominee as a Worker

1.1 Consistent High quality of work Cite specific situation to illustrate the nominee’s high quality performance.

There have been many instances wherein Mr. Joel J. Castardo has demonstrated high quality performance that he is capable of. One such instance is when a new FCB centrifugal basket was installed in 1990 but there was no commissioning engineer to set-up and test the machine. Mr. Catardo did his best with proper procedure, timing in, speed and safety he was able to successfully run the machine. As a result, he gained recognition especially from our company president. Eventually, San Carlos Sugar Milling Oriental requested him to assist in the commissioning of THEIR fcb centrifugal machines.

Further attesting to the high standard of workmanship that Mr. Castardo has consistently demonstrated, let it be said that the design, installation, and maintenance of the modern complex control system that BUSCO has put together through the years, with great effort from Mr. Castardo and his team, that alone demands care and attention to quality.

1.2 Relationship with fellow workers
    1.2.1 Describe how the nominee works as member of a team.

Mr. Castardo is a good team player. He gives insights in a situation. He stands for what is right and proper but he is also open/submits to the opinion and views of others, leads and obeys works hard to get a job done. He does the job assigned to him and oftentimes makes suggestions to improve the assigned work even better. As and example, he did a great job in helping to install the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) by leading a small core group to get the system up and running despite the great odds against limitations, procedural problems and clash with the “old ways” and time constraints.

1.3 Knowledge of the job
    1.3.1 Cite the outstanding     accomplishments of the nominee     as a worker.

The nominee deep understanding of the job was demonstrated during the times when he was tasked to lecture on the subject of instrumentation and controls before an audience of professionals in the sugar industry. A testament to that knowledge is Mr. Castardo’s outstanding accomplishments which is the company’s factory automation systems which brought benefits to the company operations in terms of energy savings, product quality and productivity. Through the effort of Mr. Castardo BUSCO became the showcase in sugar manufacturing automation and is now recognized a leader in the sugar industry nationwide.

1.4 Attitude towards company rules and regulations.
    1.4.1 Enumerate work habits of     the nominee which supports his     / her attitude towards company     rules and regulations.

Mr. Castardo has been known as a diligence, dedicated and punctual worker. He has never violated company policies and regulations all throughout his employment history. top...

Name and Signature of Supervisor

VP- Operations & Resident Manager
April 27, 2004