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Corporate Mission & Vision, Goals and Objectives
The promise of Bukidnon as the Sugar Bowl of the Country in the 21st Century shall materialize by the resolute acumen and combined vision of the Board of Directors, Management and employees of Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc., the political leadership of Bukidnon, the sugarcane planters, the people of its communities and the ancilliary businesses around it.
      Busco, in its support for this vision of making Bukidnon the sugar bowl of the 21st century, had conceptualized its Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. With the changing scenario in the local sugar industry and in order to approach world-class competitiveness, Corporate Vision, Mission and Goals and objectives were defined and adopted.
     Busco visualized to become a leader of the sugar industry in the Philippines. It must earn the reputation of being the best in technical skills, of having the latest technology, the lowest cost structure and a top sugar producer. It shall become the “Asian Sugar Industry Showcase” by the first decade of the 21st century.
In order to attain the Vision, Busco has the following Mission:

· Strive to provide the best milling service to the sugarcane planters by increasing its capacity, improving its productivity, upgrading and harnessing of the technological skills of its manpower, and reducing its cost. In doing so, it will attain the level of global competitiveness,

· Seek new products to develop, produce and market, thus enhancing the value of its sugar operations.

· Create meaningful professional and personal advancement among its employees.

· Accept that its prime resource are the talents and skills of its employees; they will receive benefits and compensation at par in the industry. Individual initiative shall be commensurately recognized, as the Company grows.

· Be responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we work and in the society in which we live.

· Generate above-average returns to its investors.

· Achieve all these by committing ourselves to the day-to-day practice of the value of integrity, the spirit of innovativeness and teamwork, the sense of service to others and the constant desire for excellence.

With the Corporate Vision and Mission, Busco affirms to achieve the following goals and objectives:

· Produce sugar that is competitive with both local and foreign producers from the standpoint of lower costs and better quality, by increasing factory recovery to 85%, production of 3.0 million piculs by the next crop year, manpower productivity to 0.476 man-hour per picul; reducing factory downtime to less than 200 hours, eliminating overtime work and adopting an early retirement scheme for qualified employees.

· Increase sugarcane production by encouraging/undertaking plantation development by at least 15,000 hectares. To attain these possibilities for corporate, cooperative, joint venture and/or contract farms shall be explored.

· Attract more individual planters by increasing milling capacity in order to reduce waiting time to 4 hours, providing them with the necessary infrastructural, educational, training and other support services required.

· Institutionalize training, value and cultural formation seminars in the company to inculcate the necessary virtues and know-how to the manpower. Review regularly performance of personnel and provide recognition and reward to these known top performers.

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Main Office: 4/F Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Millsite: Butong, Quezon, Bukidnon
Tel. Nos. 817-8403/817-8484/ 817-9014/817-9015
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